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‘Local and In-Depth’ Edition 30 October — 30 November 2021

This edition’s overarching theme, ‘Local and In-Depth’, highlights regional gems by opening museum archives and atelier doors of local artists to our global audience. Through a series of online interviews, OBSESSED! 2021 focuses on big ideas by a diverse range of experts based in the Netherlands and Belgium: curators, artists, designers, craftspeople, collectors and more.




30 October in Rotterdam

Exhibition Opening: GEM Z at Het Nieuwe Instituut


5-7 November in Amsterdam

Once Upon a Time at Studio Patina


6-7 November in Amsterdam

Current Obsession at SWEETS Hotel


8 November in Amsterdam

Marjan Unger Lecture: Janice Deul at the Rijksmuseum


10 November in Amsterdam

Synchronised Swimming at The Pool


12-13-14 November in Amsterdam

Lost and Found Wildschut at Antiques and Oddities


13-14-15 November in Amsterdam

Alumnus of the Jewellery Linking Bodies at Volkshotel


13-14 November in Amsterdam

The Majority is Diversity in progress at Factor IJ


14 November in Amsterdam

Françoise van den Bosch Foundation x Stedelijk Museum


14 November in Amsterdam

Het Dagverblijf at Sexyland


November in Apeldoorn

Moving Archive – Salim Bayri & All that Glitters at CODA Museum


14-21 November in Amsterdam

PAN Amsterdam


18 November in Rotterdam

Thursday Night Live at Het Nieuwe Instituut


19-28 November Online

Catawiki Auction x OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival


20 November in Amsterdam

OiaaiO at Salon Dinie Besems with Guests


20-21 November in Amsterdam

Moving Things #4 SALON


22-28 November in Amsterdam

FOLLOW THE SMOKE at Bibi van der Velden


26 November in Maastricht

The NEW tribe at Fashionclash


27-28 November in Amsterdam

ALL THAT’S SOLID, A LIE at OT301/4bid Gallery


28 November – 06 March ’22 in Apeldoorn

Réka Fekete: Recent Acquisitions at CODA Museum




19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Diamond programme at DIVA


19 November in Antwerp

Lecture by He Jing


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

RESTOR(Y)ING THE FUTURE St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Connected by Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten


19-20 November in Antwerp

BREAKING RULES at Galerie Beyond


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Loop & Loupe



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