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‘Local and In-Depth’ Edition 30 October — 30 November 2021

This edition’s overarching theme, ‘Local and In-Depth’, highlights regional gems by opening museum archives and atelier doors of local artists to our global audience.


Through our physical programming and exclusive digital content, OBSESSED! 2021 focuses on big ideas by a diverse range of experts based in the Netherlands and Belgium: curators, artists, designers, craftspeople, collectors and more.




30 October in Rotterdam

Exhibition Opening: GEM Z at Het Nieuwe Instituut


Throughout November in Apeldoorn

Moving Archive – Salim Bayri & All that Glitters at CODA Museum


5-20 November Online

Catawiki Auction x OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival


5-7 November in Amsterdam

Once Upon a Time at Studio Patina


6-7 November in Amsterdam

Current Obsession at SWEETS Hotel


8 November in Amsterdam

Marjan Unger Lecture: Janice Deul at the Rijksmuseum


9-10-11-12 November in Utrecht

Current Obsession x Le Guess Who?: Anouk van Klaveren


10 November in Amsterdam

Synchronised Swimming at The Pool


10-27 November

Enduring Collection at Factor IJ


12-13-14 November in Amsterdam

Lost and Found Wildschut at Antiques and Oddities


13-14-15 November in Amsterdam

HATCH at Volkshotel


13-14 November in Amsterdam

Uit de Kast Komen de Gevoelens 


14 November in Amsterdam

Françoise van den Bosch Foundation x Stedelijk Museum


14 November in Amsterdam

Het Dagverblijf at Sexyland


14-21 November in Amsterdam

PAN Amsterdam


18 November in Rotterdam

Thursday Night Live at Het Nieuwe Instituut


20 November in Amsterdam

Cancelled – OiaaiO at Salon Dinie Besems with Guests


20-21 November in Amsterdam

Moving Things #4 SALON


20-21 November in Amsterdam

The Glass Cabinet


22-28 November in Amsterdam

FOLLOW THE SMOKE at Bibi van der Velden


26 November in Maastricht

Current Obsession x Fashionclash: Kalkidan Hoex


26-28 November in Amsterdam

What nature offers at Anke AMO Akerboom


27-28 November in Amsterdam

ALL THAT’S SOLID, A LIE at OT301/4bid Gallery


28 November – 06 March ’22 in Apeldoorn

Réka Fekete: Recent Acquisitions at CODA Museum




19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Diamond programme at DIVA


19 November in Antwerp

Lecture by He Jing


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

RESTOR(Y)ING THE FUTURE St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Connected by Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten


19-20 November in Antwerp

BREAKING RULES at Galerie Beyond


19-20-21 November in Antwerp

Loop & Loupe



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Today wraps up the All the Glitters exhibition at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn,  a survey of costume jewellery collected by illustrator and comics publisher, Jozef Joop Wiggers. Curator Rianne Groen speaks with us about her research around the golden age of costume jewellery, from its significance to Hollywood filmmaking in the 50’s and 60’s, the democratising effect it had on the market for the ‘everyday woman’, and the infamous rivalry between Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Plus a peek at the new addition to the Museum’s collections —Schiaparelli’s Dove brooch, a variation of which was worn by Lady Gaga!



It might be easy to miscategorise Dutch artist Evert Nijland’s work at first glance; rich in art historical themes of the Renaissance and antiquity, and a clear dedication to the highest standards in handcraft. But his current work is the result of two key collaborations, with digital craftsman Alan Nguyen, and master glass blower, Edwin Dieperink – joining his own intuitive explorations of form with the possibilities available when digital and handcraft are united is his own way of, ‘humanising the digital language.’ And unmistakably contemporary.

The work of Salim Bayri is a revolving examination of movement, migration and human/object interaction. Constantly in motion, he is attracted by the parallel or sandwich situations between diaspora, weaving every material or situation encountered into a multimedia approach that includes everything from film to digital art, painting and wearable objects, mapping lived experiences through object, space and sound.

Represented by Galerie Van Gelder, and a recent resident at Rijksakademie, he began teaching at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in April 2020. We joined Salim for the build up of his exhibition, Moving Archive, at CODA museum in Apeldoorn, to see his process in action.


Author, activist and curator, Janice Deul who will be delivering the Marjan Unger lecture on Monday 8 November at the Rijksmuseum, is a unique voice in the world of fashion.

Since 2014, her platform Diversity Rules, has been actively promoting a reboot of beauty standards in the media, for a more accurate representation of the world’s beauty beyond whiteness. Dutch jewellery designer Kalkidan Hoex uses her brand, TheNEWtribe – rooted in the representational practice of black culture- to speak directly to others who share her third culture reality of being born in one culture and raised in another.

After working together during the Voices of Fashion Centraal Museum exhibition, co-curated by Deul, Janice and Kalkidan weigh in on their experiences as women of colour in the world of design, the after-effects of Janice’s well-documented 2020 piece for the Volkskrant, and her upcoming lecture on cultural appropriation, in this very special conversation at Amsterdam’s Nelson Mandela Park.



Suzanne van Leeuwen is a Junior Curator and Conservator of Jewellery at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Her unique background covers everything from archaeology to gemmology, and upon landing her dream job in 2014, found herself working directly alongside the late educator and collector, Marjan Unger, on her book ‘Jewellery Matters’. Now on the committee to select the speaker of the Rijks’ biennial Marjan Unger lecture, Suzanne speaks to us about working with Marjan, and about the nature of the lecture series, and gives us a private tour of the Rijksmuseum’s jewellery collection.


Austrian jewellery designer Benedikt Fischer and Dutch artist Rudy de Gruyl first met in the context of Amsterdam’s OutsiderWear project, which pairs less-recognised ‘outsider’ artists- those with, for example, a mental or physical disability or psychological vulnerability, with artists or designers already established in their field, for a one year collaboration.

Producing jewellery, objects and paintings, the partnership was so fruitful that Rudy and Benedikt have continued their work together beyond the initial project, and will exhibit in Amsterdam 13-14 November at Derde Kostverlorenkade 35



Danish designer Anna Aargard Jensen is a force. She began teaching soon after her own graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018, where her project, ‘A Basic Instinct’, a series of sprawling pink chairs explicitly designed to encourage women to take up more physical space, quickly gathered international recognition.



Now the head of Rietveld Academie’s DesignLab, and an active member of Rotterdam art collective Morph, Anna speaks to us about education, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and why design is the perfect form of activism.



Gijs Bakker is an icon of Dutch design. Both an industrial- and a jewelry designer, he has produced everything from housewares and furniture to public spaces and exhibitions, and was founding member of award-winning organizations Droog Design and chp? Jewelry.


But Gijs has also been an educator for 40 years, the most recent iteration of which is in the administering of the project MASieraad, a masters program based between Amsterdam and Hasselt, Belgium, called Challenging Gold. We caught up with Gijs to speak about this new venture, his outlook on education, and his design philosophies in general.